Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Cakes That I Won't Eat... I Wanna Keep Them!

Tired of being busy all day? Got stuck on your job deadline?

Here's what i've got. Tons of yummy and awesome cakes from Cake Central to brighten up your mood and put out your saliva... :P

"Gum Paste Guru"

"Here comes Superman..."

"Popcorn Cupcakes"
"Marzipan Baby"
(why, it looks so hairy and scary...)

"Juicy Couture Purse"

"Shopping Girl Birthday Cake"

"Coach Purse Cake"

"Twilight Book"

"A Moment for Mom"

"LV Purse"

"Dead Man's Farm"
(get real... who wants to eat those pimples??)

"Dragon Cake"
(or... Roti Buaya Cake?)

"Tools Box Cake"

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