Friday, November 19, 2010

Sooo 2010 Vintage Ads

Remember that news when someone found a lady talking with a cell-phone on Charlie Chaplin's film? I just found these hilarious ads where they combine the past and the future.

Does the word "Bling" already exist in the retro era?
Of course, if Fred Durst entered the time machine.

You might saw this picture for sooo many times.
But i bet you never know that it was made as a motivation for the girls who wants to play XBOX.

Ok, it's not.

I wish Marylin won't miss her own show with TiVo.

Yes, this is what i'm talking about!
She's even make it further. A Coke-battery!

Hahaha. Thanks The Erranta Esthete for the nice post! :)

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