Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Katy Perry, The New Barbie

Barbie has been the biggest fashion role ever. Her hair, her make up, her outfits, even the way she chose a guy has been an issue for every girl in the world. People starts to create her imitation. The look-a-like dolls and even look-a-like face. It's as if the perfect look of a woman can be seen of the doll. Long blonde hair, white skin, tall legs, and flat belly seems like a standard display of a woman.

Among every single woman who tries to imitate Barbie, i choose Katy Perry as my favorite. I have no idea, does she looks like a Barbie on purpose, or is it her real face since the day she was born?
I bet she's a luckiest girl in the world who destined to born as a living Barbie.

Look how pretty she is...
I'm not her fan and i only knew a few of her songs, but i knew she's as georgeous as a Barbie.

1 comment:

  1. i always though that ! she's so beautiful and I dont even like her .. yeah she's so lucky to born with that perfect face, good body... and her style is nice too.
    we all know she's not famous because of singing .