Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Blogwalking

Here, lemme explain.

I was blogwalking when i suddenly found this blog. Not a blog from a stranger, cause it's actually belongs to a person that used to be my crush.

I've had a crush on him a long long time ago, but there were times when he jumps into my brain all of a sudden. You may say that i have an affair with this guy, cause i still attached to my ex by now. No matter what you call it, but this person is almost always flips on my mind whatever i'm thinking.

Then, i read one of the postings in his blog that actually saying that he already has someone he attached to.

I said to the person inside me, "you know you're stupid when you lost a particular person again and again for your inconsistency. That's the price you have to pay and you dont have to pay no more cause he has got what he wanted and it's NOT you."

You may call it as an affair, and you know there should be a sacrifice in every affair.

You feather-brained ass.

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